Our Team

The TechHelp.com Team
A Professional Applied Sciences Technologist and Senior Data Network Systems Consultant with over 25 years experience designing computer data systems and implementing local area and wide area networks across Canada and around the globe. Glenn is a specialist in TCP/IP based network communications including VoIP implementation, Internet service provisioning, firewall and distributed network application design and configuration. Extensive expertise includes implementing and supporting Microsoft, and UNIX based data networks as well as designing and deploying Internet network security solutions.

Glenn is also a training instruction specialist designing and delivering courseware for TCP/IP Internetworking, Microsoft Network Operating Systems, A+ Certification programs, LAN and WAN Network Fundamentals, Personal Computing Systems and Internet Connectivity and Security courses. Glenn is the founder of techhelp.com and Netcore Professional Services and primarily provides project management and senior consulting services for the techhelp.com team.

Brian has over 15 years of experience supporting business and residential computer systems. An expert in Micorosoft LAN based computer systems including both servers and workkstations of all flavours. Brian provides complete network infrastructure support, including expertise in data cabling, wall jack and patch panel termination and the installation of hubs, switches and routers. Brian is our senior lead technician on-site to help you install a new network or support and upgrade your existing one.

A successful IT Professional with extensive experience in a variety of environments with a proven track record of exceeding goals and successful project delivery. Richard is a networking leader, team builder and problem solver with an energetic and positive style. Expertise includes Infrastructure Management, Networking & Security, Project Management, Policy and Procedure Planning, Disaster Recovery and Security Planning. Operating system experience includes servers and desktops running Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Unix running on Dell, HP, IBM, Intel and white-box platforms to name a few.

Richard also has extensive experience with networking, including layer II and III switches, firewalls, routers and load balancing/content switching (Layer VII) hardware from vendors such as Cisco, HP, F5, Fortigate, and more. Richard has worked with storage vendors such as Dell, EMC and Intel. Database experience includes MS SQL, MySQL, DB2, Oracle and Pervasive platforms. He has worked with client/server desktop packages for many years, such as, MS Exchange (BES), Simply Accounting, Dynamics, Axapta Software and much more.

Rachel began her career while designing an interactive biology cd-rom in 2001 and hasn’t looked back since. She sympathizes with all her clients in their struggle to find their computing comfort zone. As a result, she has been designing user-friendly websites for clients from across Canada for eight years. After studying as to be a biologist and environmental manager at Royal Roads, Rachel finds that she is a designer and an artist at heart. Rachel is happy to see the results of a strong collaborative process come to fruition with her clients over and over again, helping people take full advantage of the broad canvas that is the web.

Marty has worn a diverse range of hats over his 20 years of computer industry experience. He has an honours degree in computer science from Central Queensland University in Australia and has worked in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, The United States and New Zealand. His passion is programming and complex system development and architecture. He is an IBM Certified IT Architect, specializing in e- commerce solutions. Most of his programming is done using Object Oriented methodologies in PHP, along with database development and knowledge in PostgreSQL, MySQL and MS SQL. He has a deep knowledge of Linux and Mac OS/X.

Colin has decades of experience in a variety of computer system technologies and is also an accomplished chemistry graduate. Colin is a senior lead developer for the techhelp.com team and one darn good guitar player also.

Roman is a senior development wizard on our team. With many, many years of systems development experience, Roman provides a wealth of knowledge to our organization and is a founding member of the TechHelp.com team.